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Myopia Management

Myopia (short sight) is currently estimated to affect 30% of the worlds population, and this number is projected to be nearly 50% by 2050. Widely considered to be driven by environmental factors such as decreased outdoors time and increased near work and screen time.

The risk of myopia in children is increased if one or even more so if both parents have myopia.


Why is it a good idea to reduce myopia?

With increasing axial elongation of the eye in myopia comes the stretching and thinning of the retina. Making it more vulnerable to future eye health risks such as retinal detachment, myopic macular degeneration and posterior subcapsular cataract.


Optical Management of Myopia


Using peripheral defocus technologies for reducing the progression of childhood myopia without the need for contact lenses

Thanks to the H.A.L.T technology Essilor Stellest lenses slow down progression of myopia by 67% on average compared to single vision lenses, when worn for 12 hours a day.The treatment zone of the lens is made of a cutting edge constellation of 1021 invisible lenlets. On top of bringing sharp vision like a single vision lens, this constellation creates a signal in the childs eye acting as a shield against eye elongation.



Contact lenses that are worn overnight, which can slow the rate of progression of myopia, as well as allowing freedom from spectacles or contact lenses throughout the day.


Soft Daily contact lenses

MySight 1 day with ActivControl technology is a soft daily disposable contact lens specially designed for myopia control in children.

It has been shown to reduce progression on average by around 59% over 3 years.


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